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Baggy Collectibles

Baggy Collectibles is Baggy's line of limited edition, one-of-one, designer meta-handbags. Inspired by the exclusivity and collectibility of the analog handbag industry, each Baggy piece is designed, curated and crafted to bring together the textural, artisanal world of the luxury handbag market and the transcendent, expansive world of digital art. Over time, each meta-baggy is intended as long-term investment pieces, to be donned, cherished, and valued. See full collection on OpenSea.

Amphitheatre Collage.jpg

Ampitheatre: Collage

A structured, crescent-shaped bag with a snug, scrunched handle for the perfect crook-of-arm or shoulder statement handbag. The first of the amphitheatre collection is inspired by an ethos of opposites - buttery vegan leather, staunch architectural form, with a subtle overlay of graphic, representational pop art of the late 80s.

Price: 0.2 ETH 

Lisbon Koi Bag

First Baggy Original Collectible - the Lisbon Koi Bag. A pillowy, quilted body (think, coach tabby) with utility-esque blue cord, this bag is inspired by autumn in Lisbon and glassy koi ponds.

Last Sold: 0.2 ETH 

debabevoirgreen copy.jpg
debabevoirgreen copy.jpg

Debabevoir: Green

This adorable, new-gen green ruffle bag is the first candidate to be made into a real-world, analog handbag to be donned, cherished and valued over time. A boxy, top-handle bag with a pillowy, ombre body and a dramatic, ruched, ruffle strap, this bag is a timeless, wearable Baggy classic.

Price: 0.1 ETH

liquidjewelblue copy.jpg

Liquid Jewel: Blue

The liquid jewel bag is a draped, wet-look shoulder bag in a cobalt blue. This item take the relaxed, cool-girl faux-pearl strap and slouchy baguette and gives it a regal jewel-toned twist. See sister item in green.

Price: 0.1 ETH

liquidjewelblue copy.jpg
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