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Introducing Baggy

Baggy London is a crypto-fashion boutique selling real and luxury NFT handbags. Having launched the first line of 10 limited edition, one-of-one, designer NFT meta-handbags in December 2021, Baggy has now launched the Debabevoir ruffle handbag in 6 colors, all hand-sewn with sustainable materials. Baggy seeks to spread awareness of web 3 and crypto through fashion, and increase access to NFT collectibles and crypto with each real world handbag sale. 


Inspired by the exclusivity and collectibility of the analog handbag industry, each Baggy piece is designed, curated and crafted to bring together the textural, artisanal world of the luxury handbag market and the transcendent, expansive world of digital art. Over time, each bag is intended as long-term investment pieces, to be donned, cherished, and valued.


Why Invest in Baggy London?

Baggy started as an endeavour to design one-of-a-kind, real-world luxury handbags (and the end game is still that!). In the process of designing the handbags, the practice of drawing, collaging, and giving life to a piece of unique digital art imbued these pieces with intrinsic value - digital artworks with a life of their own. Living on the Polygon network, there are no gas fees, and invest in what will be a luxury fashion empire in the real-world and the metaverse.

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